We are a family business committed to upholding our 2nd amendment rights while encouraging education and training to keep the tradition of gun ownership alive for generations to come.

Copper Bullet Lodge is an outdoor shooting facility; including a .22 caliber Arcade Range, Pistol/Tactical Range, Rifle Range, Shotgun Range, as well as Archery and Edged Weapon Range.

Firearms Instructor

Primitive Ranges


Charid is a 10 year Navy veteran who’s job was to train Sailors how to safely and properly shoot firearms. He has been a certified firearms instructor for the military since 2012 and has trained and qualified thousands of Sailors. I have had firearms training from the world’s best instructors and warriors to include Marine Corps ,Special Forces, and Navy Seals. His goal, “Pass on the knowledge and experience to those who are eager to learn”

Tristyn is our Primitive Ranges Expert.  He provides instruction on four of the most common Archery bows from Recurve, Compound, Long Bow, as well as Cross Bow.  He is also an expert at Atlatl, heck he even builds them.  Also our “Axe Coach”, Tristyn can throw just about anything – and he does!  Our standard edged weapons axes, tomahawks, bowie knives, and spears.  You might also see him throw anything from butter knives to metal playing cards.