Range Pricing

Pistol RangE

Up to 25 YARDS

$20.00 / Hour or
$30.00 / Day

Price Includes Tax

Option for Paper or Steel Targets


Available by Appointment Only
$40.00 / Hour 

$10.00 / Hour Add’l Shooter
(2 hrs max)
Reservation Required


$18.00 Day

Price Includes Tax

Perfect for training the kids on safety and precision OR 
Just For Fun

Rifle Range

Up to 400 YARDS

$20.00 / Hour or
$30.00 / Day

Price Includes Tax

YARDS: 25 | 50 | 100 | 300
Paper Targets

YARDS: 200
Steel Speed Plates 

YARDS: 400
Life size deer silhouette


$18.00 Hour
(feel free to bring your own clay pigeons)

Price Includes Tax

Skeet Card
Range Time and 1,000 clays

$250.00 (Single Shooter) 
$10.00 / Add’l Shooter / Hour

Non-Members may be limited to one (1) hour in prime times.

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or contact us at info@copperbulletlodge.com

All prices are plus tax

Prices are subject to change without notice.