Axe Throwing Training

Progress and develop your axe throwing skills. 

Axe Throwing Training

You’re scheduled on coming out with a group and you want to look like a bad-axe to your friends.  Come out and train with us in advance and hone your axe, bowie knives, tomahawk, and/or spear skills.
All axe throwing training includes: 
  • Etiquette and Safety
  • Fundamentals 
  • Proper throwing techniques
30 Minute Training (one edged weapon)
1 Hour Training (two to three edged weapons)
*Range fees not included
*Throwing implements are provided
(personal edged weapons can be brought, but must be approved by Axe Throwing Coach)

*Closed Toed Shoes Required (no shoes with holes or compromised)

Please visit Copper Bullet Lodge to sign up for the Axe Throwing League

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All prices are plus tax

Prices are subject to change without notice